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The word Pinoy is used to describe a black fish that is homozygous (2 doses) for the pb gene. Genetically if the fish carries a dark gene and is homozygous for the pb gene then it is called a Pinoy. The word Pinoy can also be used as a descriptor on other Phenotypes to indicate that it also carries a dark gene. So a Pinoy Clown would be a fish that is at least het (single dose) but could carry 2 doses for the dark gene and homozygous for the Philippine Blue gene (plus a zebra and stripeless gene).

Pinoy Zebra

Pinoy Zebra

Pinoy Zebra Fin Skalar Scalari Scalaire Zebra Fin refers to the multiple striations on the dorsal fin. In angelfish, there is variation in fin patterns and at the moment there is no classification ...

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