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Welcome, Philippine Blue Gene The Angelfish Society accepts a new gene

Welcome, Philippine Blue Gene The Angelfish Society accepts a new gene BOD Moves to Accept the Blue Gene Board of Directors Accept the Philippine Blue Gene Leslie James Standards Committee Chair We are pleased to ...


beef heart mix fish food formula for discus and angelfish

FACEBOOK Profile pix – For Share –

We had fun doing our logo variations with country flags and came up with these :) Feel free to use this as you like and use as your Facebook or Social Accounts Profile pic For other country requests, just register with us and comment your ...

Pinoy Angelfish

Pinoy Angelfish are Angels with base/root genotype: D/_ - pb/pb

The Philippine Blue (pb) Angelfish

The Philippine Blue (pb) Angelfish Philippine blue locus: This gene was very recently described by Ken Kennedy in Philippines. In double dose (two copies of the gene) it increases the blue iridescence of the fish. There are two known alleles ...

Pinoy Zebra

Pinoy Zebra Fin Skalar Scalari Scalaire Zebra Fin refers to the multiple striations on the dorsal fin. In angelfish, there is variation in fin patterns and at the moment there is no classification of the different fin patterns. Fin patterns seem to ...

The Father of the Philippine Blue Angelfish Gene

Ken Kennedy The Father of the Philippine Blue Angelfish Gene Photos by Kenneth Kennedy & Emerson Sy Source: PETS UNLIMITED Printed Article 2010 Kenneth "Ken" Kennedy is a league of his own when it comes to angelfish development, and is ...

Welcome to PAFS!

Welcome to Pinoy Angelfish Society (PAFS) Information and Community portal, We are on our SOFT LAUNCH   :)  Our turf will be basically focus on the "Philippine Blue" Angelfish, "Pinoy" Angelfish , Wild/Domesticated Angelfish, Hybrid variants and all ...

Willkommen bei PAFS (Pinoy Angelfish Society) Germany !

Liebe Gäste und Freunde der Phillipine Blue Varianten. Als Zweig der PAFS Phillipines ist es uns eine große Ehre hier unsere deutsche Gruppe vorstellen zu dürfen. Diese Webseite ist die offizielle Präsenz der PAFS Phillipines. Diese Gruppe um ...

Pinoy Angelfish Competition 2015

The 1st "Pinoy Angelfish" Competion 2015 Watch out for the first Pinoy Angelfish Competiton happening this year! Strain: Pinoy Angelfish When: November 2015 Details Soon

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