Pinoy Zebra

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Pinoy Zebra Fin Skalar Scalari Scalaire

Zebra Fin refers to the multiple striations on the dorsal fin. In angelfish, there is variation in fin patterns and at the moment there is no classification of the different fin patterns. Fin patterns seem to be independent for each fin ( dorsal, caudal and anal ) and also independent, partly, of body patterns. An alternate classification based on fin patterns may need to be established. In this Pinoy angelfish, the pattern on the anterior part of the dorsal fin is spotted while the posterior part is striated. Anal fin pattern is spotted. The name Zebra fin is just a temporary name until classification of fin patterns is established.


Actual fish is more beautiful than in this photo. And melanin pigmentation is darker. (D/g allele combination).



Pinoy Zebra Fin Skalar Scalari Scalaire


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