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Paraiba Ghost Angelfish (S/+ – pb/pb)

Some of the shared pictures by hobbyists across the world, uploaded in the comment section, share a pb phenotype area. Thank you for sharing this with us!

Photo Gallery of uploaded pictures from hobbyists across the world

These are the accepted international naming standards from the angelfish society http://www.theangelfishsociety.org/newsletters/2013_Sept_LowRes_v30.pdf – calling it as such meme names and marketing names as “avatars” “skyblues” “manoy” and others is strictly discouraged. – For erratum’s, disputes and would like to reach us, Please message the admin, comment below or email us at admin @ pafs.info Thanks!

All pictures and videos used in the gallery is not owned by www.pafs.info – All Credits To The Owner (CTTO) and is gathered from the web and other social media websites. No Copyright Infringement or Claims of Ownership, for educational and display purposes only. – If you own the pictures/videos and would request for it to be removed, Please message the admin or email us at admin @ pafs.info Thanks!

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We will sort and upload it soon after we have confirmed its phenotype. Thanks for Sharing
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