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Photo Contest 2020 * 12 Winners will be featured in PAFS 2021 Calendar


The 2020 Pinoy Angelfish Society Photo Contest for PAFS CALENDAR 2021

This competition aims to showcase the beauty and grandeur of Angelfishes present in the Angelfish Keeping Hobby in the Asian Countries. The subject of this PHOTO CONTEST will be Freshwater Angelfishes and that the competition will be conducted in abiding these following rules:

Photo Contest 2020 * 12 Winners will be featured in PAFS 2021 Calendar



    1.  Wild Angelfish – known as wild angelfish strain +/+ – P. altums, P. leopoldi, P. scalare (Santa Isabel, Manacapuru, Amapa Red Back
    1. Philippine Blue (pb) Phenotypes – pb silver, pb clown, pb zebra, pb smokey, pb leopard, pb ghost, pb marble, pb platinum and paraiba
    1. Pinoy Angelfish phenotypes (D/+ – pb/pb) – pinoy silver, pb clown, pinoy zebra, pinoy smokey, pinoy leopard, pinoy ghost, pinoymarble and pinoy paraiba
    1. Other Domestic Angelfish Strains – Koi, Gold Marble, Marble, Silver, etc
  2. DATE OF SUBMISSION – Uploading of Photo Entries will start from October 23, 2020 until December 20, 2020. Judging will commence on December 21, 2020 and will end on December 23, 2020 – Winners will be declared on December 24, 2020.
    1. Participants must be of 15 years old and currently living in the Asian Continent
    1. Photos must be taken by the participants themselves and the subject angelfish should be owned and kept by the participant – NO GOOGLED PIC please
    1. Participants may submit a maximum of (4) entries for the whole competition and that no same angelfish should be subject of the said entries. Having one angelfish as a subject for multiple entries will result to disqualification of all entries.
    1. Photo entries be submitted must be taken at least within the 5 years back from the date of the start of this competition.
    1. Submitted entries must not have received awards or nominations from any other competition prior to this competition. If a winning entry was to be found a previous winner to international competitions, disqualification will be applied.
    1. No Edited Photos please, it must be raw and in high resolution if possible. Photo adjustments on exposure, saturation, contrast, or manipulations can be investigated on the Exif data information (deletion of Exif is not allowed).

How to Join & participate in this photo contest (3 Easy Steps)


  1. Simply upload your raw and unedited photos of your angelfish as entries in  http://www.pafs.info/photo-contest-2020
  2. Fill up your User and Entry information * Name/Email/Adress/Country Title of Entry/Description
  3. Submit Entry – Done!  (A maximum of 4 pictures per person – any desired category)

Note: Kindly Read the Rules & Prizes Information for details of the photo contest

Who can Join and participate in this photo contest?


  • Anyone who loves angelfish and would like to participate in the contest for the love of the hobby (just make sure it is your fish! And not googled pic L we might get in trouble with copyright infringement on this)
  • At the moment, we would like to prioritize all entries from the Philippines and our ASIAN Country neighbors (This is due to shipping constraints of the prizes to be awarded).  Other international entries will be considered but the shipping of the prizes will be shouldered by the winner/participant (Thank you for consideration * to modify prizes if more sponsors will provide prizes)

Prizes at stake


  • 1 Winner for the Over-all Best of the Best Photo (from any category submitted and will be the cover page photo of the PAFS 2021 Calendar)
  • 12 Winners will be awarded and will be featured as month fish for each calendar month.
    • 3 Winners will be selected for each category x 4 categories (Wild, pb, pinoy and others).
  • Consolation prizes will be considered if more sponsors can provide

* Sponsors are very much welcome! Your company logo will appear on the PAFS 2021 Calendar together with the Winners of the photo contest

At the moment, the following Prizes are pledged and to be given away, more prizes to be added soon!


  • Over-All Best Photo of 2020
    • 5 Copies of the PAFS Calendar 2021 – Hard Copy (thanks to A & C Printers)
    • 1 Pack of  Hikari Vibrabites (415 Grams)
    • 1 PAFS T-Shirt (Winner can request his Size and Color *White or Black)
    • 1 pc 100 grams Nakamura Brine Flakes
    • 1 pc 100 grams Nakamura Spirulina Flakes
    • If the winner is from the Philippines (5 pcs of PAFS Pinoy Marble – SF applies)
    • * Sponsors/Pledges are very much welcome! Message me J
  • 12 Winners of PAFS Calendar 2021 *each will awarded with the following
    • 1 Copy of the PAFS Calendar 2021 – Hard Copy (thanks to A & C Printers)
    • 1 pc 100 grams Nakamura Brine Flakes
    • 1 pc 100 grams Nakamura Spirulina Flakes
    • If the winner is from the Philippines (5 pcs of PAFS Pinoy Marble – SF Applies )
    • * Sponsors/Pledges are very much welcome! Message me J

Criteria for Judging on our PAFS Photo Contest 2020


  • 50% from respected experts as jurors Total, based on computed points of the following criteria
    • Each juror selects his top 13 fishes at the end of the submission of entries, Top 1 = 13 points and Top 13 = 1 points, the total of each fish will then be computed based on the number of jurors.
    • Invited experts as jurors must not be a participant and a maximum of 5 or minimum of 3 will be considered as judges.
  • 50% of the points will be coming from the most voted photo in the website, 100% (Web Choice)
    • Top 1 = 13 points and Top 13=1 point, then the total number of points will be added from the jurors point average.
  • In cases of a tie on total points for the over-all best photo, our judges will vote on the best entry as the winner as a tie breaker.

Notes To all participants & supporters


  • You can campaign for more votes of your submitted entries by sharing the link of your pictures through the website generated share links
  • An email confirmation will be sent to your email address for your submitted entries and this will serve as your login information to the photo contest to add more pictures if needed (maximum of 4 entries per person)
  • All submitted entries are manually approved by PAFS Admin, to categorize the entries and ensure that there are no spam pictures or unwanted pictures uploaded in the competition.

How to Vote for fishes on the website


  • Just visit http://www.pafs.info/photo-contest-2020 and click on photo entries tab to view all entries (arranged by latest submission) – or you can browse by category or by page
  • Click on desired fish to vote for and the vote button will appear on the individual pic selected
  • Click Vote Now! Done
    • No need to enter an email address or register/login to the website – we track the votes via unique IP address – this will prevent voting for the same fish twice
    • If you opt to register and login to the website, before voting – please click login button and register to the website, confirm registration and login before voting.

Good luck!

This is the first time a photo contest will be organized by tropafs and eventually this will become a yearly event with an improved and better version of the competition in placed. Like recent pictures of 2021 and beyond J All the Best! Happy Angelfish Keeping and Enjoy the hobby!